Our Team

Paul Cartwright
Paul is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University's highly regarded business program and has spent many years in sales & marketing in the consumer packaged goods industry.  He has been interviewed for his opinions on various sports events by many leading news publications and media outlets across North America and is often requested to share his inspiring story to school groups and other organizations. 
Paul is a Board Member of the Fergie Jenkins Foundation having previously served on the Board of Directors of the Tony Fernandez Foundation.


Fay Cartwright
Vice-President/ Co-Founder
Fay has a strong background in Accounting and Marketing bringing a multi-dimensional approach to the business.  Fay coordinates the logistics behind the scenes and facilitates the accounting and finances.  She is the sounding board of operations applying common sense logic in our fast paced business.  Her experience in event planning is invaluable to our organization and her exceptional writing skills are displayed in keeping our website current and factual. 

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