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Sports Celebrity Marketing, S.C.M. Inc. provides a variety of marketing initiatives from the world of sports. Paul Cartwright, President and Founder of S.C.M. Inc. combined his experience as a highly successful business man with his passion for sports to create this dynamic sports marketing company.

Sports Celebrity Marketing, S.C.M. Inc. was initially created to provide the services of sports celebrities for speaking engagements. Since that time, we have grown into a full service sports marketing company specializing in facilitating personal appearances, keynote speeches, endorsements, fund-raisers, marketing, PR and event planning. 

We take pride in meeting and exceeding expectations.  With a wide variety of personalities from a variety of sports and diverse backgrounds, we work diligently to align the best athlete for each opportunity. 

Our roster includes personalities from all major sports including baseball, hockey, football, and more!  We also feature personalities from specifically designed niche markets which comprises racial pioneers who are among the first of their culture to play the sport as well as a group of Christian athletes who enjoy sharing their faith.

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